"A very safe place to learn how to cope"

Gretchen Watts has helped me navigate thru the troubled waters of a really tough time in my life. I’ve found her compassion and knowledge of the human condition a very safe place to learn how to cope with my life issues. She uses archetypal symbols familiar to each person’s soul as tools to heal. I’m so very grateful Gretchen’s been there and will be there for me.

- Adult male client


"Our guide in navigating how to parent"

We are so fortunate to have found Gretchen. She has been invaluable in helping our child unlock his greatest potential by learning through play to overcome his fears and anxiety. Her authentic concern for and connection with our child has provided him the safe place he needed to find his inner self. Gretchen has also been our guide in navigating how to parent a special child. We will forever be grateful.

- From the parent of an adopted child who is challenged by reactive attachment disorder and related issues

"More connected"

Her work is powerful. She is gifted. There is something about what she does that breeds wholeness.

It’s her presence and it’s her study. What she has done and what she has gone through, to have the kind of insight she has, is beautifully inspiring.

Her way is all about healing. If there is something that you are wanting healing about, or for someone you know or just for the whole world, there is an understanding that comes from witnessing her life’s work in action that is truly holy. I can’t wait to go to hear, and feel, what she says. I have always left conversations with her feeling stronger inside and more connected to my own journey. I hope that you’ll bring someone with you to her talk. It’s nice to be able to share it.

- From a former client


"an integral part of my journey"

Creating a mandala is a very cathartic experience for me. The process of creating them and sharing them with Gretchen has become an integral part of my journey of self-awareness, and my need for expression of my innermost feelings.

- A female client 


"Helped me with my troubles of friends and family"

When asked how coming to work with Gretchen was helpful, a nine year old boy exclaimed, “A Lot! It is like having a second person to talk to and have fun with. I am able to teach Gretchen things like Origami, and James Bond trivia. It has helped me with my troubles of friends and family. She helps me come up with new solutions in solving problems. In the Sandtray, you get to make whatever you want. When it’s sunny, we play outside together with twirly birds and flying discs… teaching me how to interact. A lot of stuff was hard until I met Gretchen. Without her I would have lost friends and my life. It was hard for me and my life. Then when I met her, everything was smooth and easy.”

- Nine year old client


"Holds the light for me"

Gretchen provides a space filled with love, safety, and patience. When there are no words, only small clues of what lies inside, there is the sandtray. It is a clean and smooth space where I can explore, build, and create until I understand. Gretchen holds the light for me as I travel on my journey of meaning and understanding.

- Adult client

"My prayers become visible"

In the tray...all that society will not allow or recognize, has a home and a life. I can offer to my spirit and my Gods all that I long for, all that I fear, and all that confuses me. There, I watch my prayers become visible. I meet myself in the tray. When I am finished, I take what I need for strength and leave the rest for something mysterious to resolve for me.

- Adult client